The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz movie is a classic, with or without the Pink Floyd soundtrack. I’ve always wanted to read the book it was based on. Recently I discovered the library and Kindle software. The book is long out of copyright, so it would be a good choice for my Kindle reading project. The movie follows the book but not too closely. The book contains additional adventures for Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion. The movie spends more time in Kansas. The book reads like a collection of bedtime stories for Baum’s daughter, or my niece if I was making up the stories on the spot. The writing style is rather flat but the stories are quite imaginative. In the book Dorothy has little personality and is much younger than in the movie. The qualities the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are missing: brains, heart, and courage are illustrated in abundance in the book- obviously Baum was trying to make a point about self-contradiction but I thought he failed to make it when the Wizard of Oz starts handing out bran & pins, silk, and drink. Are children suppose to pick up on this point? The movie handles it much better.

272 pages


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    In 1993 W. Geoffrey Seeley recast the story as an exercise in treachery, suggesting the supposed “Good Witch Glinda” used an innocent, ignorant patsy (Dorothy) to overthrow both her own sister witch (Witch of the West) and the Wizard of Oz, leaving herself as undisputed master of all four corners of Oz: North, East, West and (presumably Oz being) South. “She even showed her truest Machiavellian genius by allowing the story to be entitled after the weakest of her three opponents.” Glenda could have told Dorothy that the “ruby slippers would easily do the job [of returning Dorothy to her beloved home] but decided that a destabilizing force such as Dorothy might be just the thing to shake up her other rival [The West Witch].” -Wikipedia

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