The Confession by John Grisham

The Confession

John Grisham is a fine story teller and I always enjoy his books. It is a shame The Confession characters spent so much time on an anti-death penalty soap box that the story suffers. The plot as it was set up was the worst possible illustration of what could go wrong, but even then I didn’t find Grisham’s ‘case‘ compelling. The Texas institutions that failed Donte Drumm didn’t act very professional and were chastised in the end so the system works. No one said the system is perfect- it never will be- but it should be self correcting. I did enjoy the book even with the tedious preaching. I wish Grisham had spend more time with character development. All his primary characters come across as pretty flat and one dimensional except when they’re bitching about the death penalty. Robbie Flak, Donte’s lawyer, is the hero of the book but was a terrible lawyer.

432 pages

432 pages


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