How I Killed Pluto by Mike Brown

How I Killed Pluto

How I Killed Pluto: and Why It Had It Coming, is the story of planetary astronomy. It explains how and why Pluto got demoted from a Planet to a Dwarf Planet (which are not planets). The book details the work Brown did to find an number of other planet-sized bodies in our solar system and then the reasoning behind demoting all of them. The book is a light read and enjoyable as he brings in his co-workers, wife and even baby daughter as characters. There is even a high-tech mystery in the book.

288 pages

Kindle Notes

The seven days of the week are even named after the seven original planets. Sunday, Moo(n)day, and Satur(n)day are the most obvious, while Tuesday through Friday are more than a bit obscure. Tiw was an ancient Germanic god of ware, as Mars was to the Romans, so Tuesday is actually Mars’ day. Wednesday is Woden’s day. Woden was the carrier of the dead- Germanic grim reaper- fulfilling one of Mercury’s less well know jobs. Thor was Norse king of the gods, like Jupiter, and Friday is the day of Venus in the guise of the Norse Frigga, the goddess of married love. -location 319

After having been at Caltech for almost a decade, I thought it might be time to actually learn some geology. And what better way to learn than by teaching it myself? [This made me laugh as I my uncle Duane did the same thing with Calculus] -location 2510


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