The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

The Postmistress

“What would you think of a postmistress who chose not to deliver the mail?”

The above is one of the opening lines of Sarah Blake’s bestseller, The Postmistress.  As the author admits, she got the idea for the book when she was watching a lady postal worker delivering mail one day.  There is so much important information that gets delivered through the mail, and sometimes that information is life changing.  The responsibility that rests on the the deliverer’s shoulders can sometimes be overwhelming given certain circumstances.

In this case, the author chose to take on this theme with a World War II setting.  The information is of course, the ultimate life-changer – death.  While the postmistress cannot change the fact that someone has died, she can prevent herself from being the bearer of bad news and the person who is associated with the horrific change in someone’s circumstances.

The novel was not terribly in depth, but I did enjoy the tale that went along with the theme, as well as the back story about a female war correspondent.  That said, the part that actually interested me the most was “the story behind the story” – the author’s own thoughts and the journey that went into writing this novel.  The Postmistress is a perfect vacation read, suspenseful, with a little history thrown in.

3 1/2 stars (out of 5)
371 pages
Published in 2010


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