The Affair by Lee Child

The Affair

The Affair: Jack Reacher #16
Lee Child reaches back to 1997 for a prequel. A good story about a crime and a cover up in Carter Crossing, Mississippi. Jack Reacher is still a Major in the Army but this case is going to try his patience with the military. If the Army knew what he was doing in the field they might try him. Reacher’s love interest is the local sheriff- a former Marine and hot stuff…

416 pages

My Kindle Notes From The Book

Up close and personal I was prepared to concede that Elizabeth Deveraux was a seriously good looking woman. Truly beautiful. Out of the car she was relatively tall, and her hair was amazing. There must have been five pounds of it in her ponytail alone. She had all the right parts in all the right proportions. She looked great in her uniform. But then, I liked women in uniform, possibly because I had known very few of the other kind. But best of all was her mouth. And her eyes. Together they put a kind of wry, amused animation into her face, as if whatever happened to her she would stay cool and calm and collected through it all, and then she would find some quality in it to make her smile. There was still light in her eyes. – location 954-59


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