Calico Joe by John Grisham

Calico Joe

For years, superstar author John Grisham has wanted to write a novel about baseball.  Unfortunately, the story just never came to him.  Then, a couple of years ago, Grisham read a story about Ray Chapman, a baseball player who was killed by getting hit with a fast pitch.  There was much speculation about whether the player was “beaned” intentionally.  Grisham thought this would make an excellent basis for a story, and so we have his latest novel, Calico Joe.

I was sent an advance review copy by the publisher.  I think it will have fairly broad appeal.  The story is really about three people:  Joe Castle (the player that got beaned), Warren Tracey (the player that hit him), and Paul Tracey (Warren’s son).  It’s a nice story about fathers and sons, baseball, and forgiveness.  The release date of April 10th should make this book a must have for father’s day shoppers everywhere.

While I thought the story was good, it doesn’t have the depth of emotion that the backstory could have brought forward.  Maybe it’s a guy thing.  Men don’t like to go too deep.  It’s also an easy read.  I finished the book in less than 24 hours.  Another recommendation:  someone should make this book into a movie.  There is so much visual information relating to the games, that I think it would come across better on screen.

3 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2012
198 pages

Amazon Book Preview of Calico Joe


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