2030 by Albert Brooks


2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America is a science fiction story about the near future. The US is so debt ridden that the president and congress are frozen in placed. The retirees are so politically powerful they crush the younger generations with their demands. Then Los Angeles is flattened by a massive earthquake. At this point I loved the book it sounded realistic and as a comedy writer Brooks has pleasant prose style.
In the second act, Brooks finds all his solutions with the Chinese, which I thought was stupid. Any humor left the book by the third Act. I couldn’t wait for the book to end. The characters all seem to be the same person (Brooks?). The President and other ‘leaders’ make outrageously simplistic statements but never get any blow back. As the reader I’m left fuming and wondering, “Am I suppose to be convinced by this?” The best part of the book shows how quickly things can fall apart with even a little socialism, but the flip-side, is Brooks willingness to believe some technocrat has all the solutions.

384 pages

My Kindle Notes:

Why anyone wanted to be president of the United States became more and more of a mystery. Campaigns were endless, and the bubble one lived in was more like an MRI machine. It seemed that the entire job was raising money and trying not to say anything that could be construed as remotely controversial. And most of all, the ability to change the world was no longer part of the job. – location 537-40 [If you think the role of the Federal Government is to change the world, you have serious problems.]

..becoming a financial partner with another country was not even dealt with in the Constitution and therefore should not present a problem. – location 4262-63 [You can see Brooks doesn’t know anything about the US Constitution.]


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