Chuck Klosterman On Rock

Chuck Klosterman On Rock

One of the many positive features about the Kindle and e-publishing is we get to read material that wouldn’t be published as a paper book. Simon and Schuster is offering six collections of Chuck Klosterman’s essays on various topics. This collection is on Rock Music. Klosterman was the funniest writer ever on staff at my hometown newspaper: the Fargo Forum. He went on to write some interesting books and work at Spin Magazine and ESPN online.
Chuck Klosterman On Rock has a number of interesting theories on Rock Music. I don’t agree with most of them but I love reading about them…

140 pages

Amazon Book Preview of Chuck Klosterman On Rock


  • The Jack Factor- Klosterman works up a price you would have to play him to stop listening to his favorite 80’s hair metal bands.
  • Appetite for Replication -Klosterman goes on tour with a Guns and Roses tribute band.
  • That ’70s Cruise- Going on vacation with REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Journey
  • The Led Zeppelin Essays- Interview with Robert Plant, “We are not Heavy Metal.”
  • Band on the Couch- Metallica goes through therapy and films it.
  • Unbuttoning the Hardest Button to Button- Why the White Stripes standout from all the other bar bands in Detroit.
  • Dude Rocks Like a Lady- Female tribute bands, playing very male ‘cock-rock’.
  • Fargo Rock City, for Real- All the bands that played in Fargo during the 90s. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of them, and I live here.
  • Singularity- Klosterman dates the beginning of Rock from the January 1964 release of “Meet The Beatles” to Gene Simmons (of KISS) working with Dylan. Interesting theory because my own weird their dates Rock from “I Feel Fine” by the Beatles until the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Klosterman’s theory revolves around a circa 1970 split: “..rock split into two opposing ideologies: there were now two kinds of music. The prime directive of the first kind of rock was to be meaningful and important; the prime directive of the second was to entertain people and move product.” Once Simmons (2nd prime) worked with Dylan (1st prime) the rift collapsed and Rock died.
  • Oh, the Guilt- Klosterman compares and contrasts Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) with David Koresh (Waco)

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