Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Game of Thrones

“The broken sword fell from nerveless fingers. Will closed his eyes to pray.  Long, elegant hands brushed his cheek, then tightened around his throat.  They were gloved in the finest moleskin and sticky with blood, yet the touch was icy cold.”

Last summer a Goodreads friend of mine was reading this book and he made me laugh with his comments about how George R. R. Martin was keeping him up at night because he couldn’t put the book down.  I decided to dedicate much of my summer reading to science and science fiction, so I’ve finally gotten around to reading this book.

Game of Thrones is definitely exciting and a page turner.  Martin deftly captures the reader and draws him into a world of kings, would-be-rulers, and divided loyalties.  As a lover of historical fiction, I can certainly understand how this type of fantasy can appeal to that crowd.  Set in a world much like our own middle ages, the intrigue and political games mirror much of real history.  But in this novel, because it’s fantasy, we have some sorcery, and some strange, once-human, murdering creatures beyond “the wall”, in the northern part of this fabricated kingdom.

I was almost finished with the book, when I remembered hearing that this series isn’t typical – in A Song of Ice and Fire (the series name) good does not necessarily win over evil.  Yes, Martin does throw in several twists where the hero takes a fall, but I’m still holding out for the good guy to win in the end.  I’m also looking forward to reading the rest of the books and watching the HBO series!

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 1996
694 pages


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