Obama by Frank J. Fleming


Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything is a highly uncritical look at our 44th president as told by a babbling idiot. Of course this is all a joke; a satirical look at Obama and a clever way of glossing over Obama’s grossest policy failures. As satire it is so-so. It has a certain kinetic charm. As if Fleming had stayed up for 3 days straight writing computer code and was so wired on Mountain Dew and speed that he decided to write a book to come down.

26 pages

Excerpts From The Book

These were special jobs that only those with advanced economic degrees could detect. – location 113

Quickly: Name a line from one of Obama’s speeches. You can’t. No one remembers anything he’s said, because the beauty of his recitation transcends the mere words themselves into a symphony beyond human understanding. – location 153-54

Obama has often demanded in his speeches, “Let me be clear.” So far no one has .. But perhaps one day he will no longer seek our permission and just go ahead and be clear. What a day that will be. I hope we’re prepared. – location 155-57

It’s amazing Obama was elected in the first place when we see how many racists there are; the best explanation is that some people didn’t realize he was black when they voted for him and only figured that out a year or so into his presidency. – location 166-67


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