How Fargo of You by Marc de Celle

How Fargo of You

How Fargo Of You: Stories From The Northern Prairie That People Who Haven’t Been Here Will Never Believe– is about Fargo but also the entire upper midwest region. Having lived in Fargo all my life it’s hard for me to image that we’re all that unique. And my own experiences in New York City belie some of his arguments. I’ve found plenty of polite, helpful people elsewhere.

The book is a collection of helpful neighbor stories, but it is also a story about writing the book. It is also a story about the mortgage crisis. It is also a story about flies in you car. It is a story about flood fighting. And it is also a list of reasons to move to Fargo or stay away. So yes it is something of a mess. DeCelle’s writing could use some editorial work. It is a simple, short book, and yet I found it tiring to read. He would do much better with an online blog or a newspaper column. Marc is also trying to turn the title into a catch phrase. I found it vaguely insulting. It’s fine as a title, or even as one of his stories, but it did not work to insert it at the end of every chapter. Maybe it’s my Fargo reticence, but I didn’t care for all the horn blowing. My feeling is Fargo has already gotten too big and is quickly slipping into the same traps every other large city finds itself stuck in.

267 pages


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