The Innocent by David Baldacci

The Innocent

The Innocent is centered on Will Robie. One of those lone-wolf kind of guys who work for a nameless US department. His only job is to terminate bad guys. Only his latest hit goes bad. Just when you think Robie would go rogue and run, he helps that nameless US Department by partnering with a female FBI agent. The entire story is ludicrous, he has to protect a 14-year-old girl , who is involved somehow. The plot maybe weak but the pacing is excellent. I enjoyed reading it.

448 pages

Second Review

“The Innocent” has a tired feel even when it’s racing around the streets of Washington DC. I found the identity of the hidden characters rather obvious and they remained in the shadows until almost the end of the book. Baldacci should have reveal them earlier. The plot is far-fetched with an almost omnipotent villain. Both endings are not surprising nor very clever. Mr. Omnipotent villain suddenly makes all kids of mistakes?
A good “Thriller” should be clever and fun. This was only fun. The characters were flatter than usual for a Baldacci story- hopefully this won’t be a series. You got the lone wolf hero, the precocious child, and the cynical FBI agent, along with the mysterious shady Government agency.


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