The Gilded Chamber by Rebecca Kohn

The Gilded Chamber

“I carried my grace and kindness before the king.  He did not know my name, my people, or my descent.  He did not care.  Desire seized his senses and roused him from the lethargy and indifference.  He tasted life again as his old self, the man he was before the loss of Vashti and the defeat in Greece.  For this King Xerxes loved me more than all the other women.”

What a gem of a book!  I picked this a couple of years of ago at a discount booksellers on a clearance rack.  The premise caught my eye: a book of historical fiction based on the life of Queen Esther of biblical fame.

Rebecca Kohn does a marvelous job of transporting the reader to ancient Persia in the court of King Xerxes.  The girl, newly named Esther (to hide her Jewish ancestry), is brought into the harem to serve the King.  The story of Esther is more than a simple one of a young woman brave enough to answer God’s call to save her people.  Kohn presents a well-researched novel to try to explain the complexity of Esther’s situation.  The result:  an impressive work sure to please historical fiction fans and biblical story enthusiasts like.

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2005
353 pages


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