Makeup To Breakup by Peter Criss

Makeup to Breakup

Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss; co-written by Larry Sloman
I love reading Rock Music Biographies- I can’t help myself- even a terrible book like this I found amusing. I was hoping to get some insight into the band Kiss. I wonder how does a band that has so little talent get to be so big. Peter’s book gives little insight into their songs or success, although he hints at it: They are a Rock n’ Roll Circus.
Peter is as poor a writer as a drummer. He thinks he misunderstood, but he comes across as delusional. He blames everyone, including himself but it’s hard to take him seriously. It’s hard to enjoy the book. The Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle almost kills him repeatedly, but he continued. There is almost nothing good in the book, just one disaster after another. Even his Catholic faith doesn’t seem to bring him any peace. If the book has any value it is as warning- stay away from the lifestyle- it’s not glamorous- it’s dangerous.
One last dig at Kiss fans. Find another band to listen too, almost any band you can name is better than Kiss.

384 pages

Quotes from the Book

One of Bill and Sean’s great innovations when we were practicing in that loft was to video our performances and play them back to us and critique us as if they were football coaches breaking down plays. Bill had done some television directing, and he was really into the visual aspects of the show. So Sean would set up two cameras on either side of us, we’d get onstage in full costume and makeup and rehearse for hours, and he’d video it. When we were finished, we’d watch the whole tape back and Sean would lecture us.

When I met Deb, she had just broken up with Dave Mason. In fact, he had written his hit song “We Just Disagree” about her. [Debra Jensen] She told me that she was madly in love with him.

So I wound up designing a cover that featured a jukebox blowing up and shooting out all these 45s, and one of them was “Out of Control.” I also had an artist draw Deb, and we put her in the lower left-hand side of the frame, running from the exploding jukebox. It had a real pop-art Warholian feel to it, and Deb looked great.


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