The Collectors by David Baldacci

The Collectors

The Collectors: Camel Club #2 – tells two stories: one about a $30 million dollar con of a blood thirsty casino owner, the other of a Washington spy plot. We are introduced to Annabelle Conroy when she runs the casino con. The members of the Camel Club are introduced to Annabelle when she shows up at her ex-husband’s funeral in Washington DC. The original Camel Club members are Oliver Stone, Reuben Rhodes, Caleb Shaw, and Milton Farb. These do-gooders are on the look out for government conspiracies and they find a big one in this book. The casino con, was just a teaser for the next book. Rest of the book deals with the unraveling of the spy plot.

Baldacci wrote a fast paced exciting novel that does not require much thinking. The characters are two dimensional- Baldacci should flesh them out better. Maybe he figures he has five books to fill and will do it later. The plot is good but not great- it is best not to think about its believability. Instead just enjoy the ride.

544 pages


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