Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Pictures Of You

This book was exactly what I needed!  I had just finished slogging through a beautifully written, but extremely dull Booker Prize nominee, and I was craving a book that would entertain me.  Caroline Leavitt’s Pictures of You fit the bill perfectly.

The story begins on a foggy, lonely road where Isabelle is driving west from the Cape, having made the decision to leave her husband.  She sees a car up ahead, but too late, she realized it is stopped, facing the wrong direction and avoiding the collision is not an option, as a child is now standing in the middle of her only exit.  The tale that unfolds is mesmerizing and haunting.  Leavitt keep you engaged with a suspense filled narrative and characters that leave a strong impression on the reader.  A perfect summer read!

3 1/2 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2011
335 pages


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I'm a stay-at-home mom with three kids who loves to read.
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One Response to Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

  1. Thank you for this lovely review! I’m so thrilled you liked my novel! Caroline Leavitt

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