Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla

Not Taco Bell Material

Not Taco Bell Material
I’ve been listening to the Adam Carolla podcast for a couple weeks. I picked up the book to see if I could catch up with the show. Adam narrates his history: house by house.
Growing up with dysfunctional parents, drugs, deadbeat friends, and illiteracy, Adam somehow managed to pull himself up and make a success out of his life. It reads as a black comedy, but with a carpenter’s eye for detail and a comedian’s eye for the absurd.

338 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

I can’t tell you how anxiety provoking that position is. I had no reading or writing skills and a family somewhere between apathetic, impotent, and hostile. I had no map, no compass, and no safety net. – location 1075-76

Every day I repair or replace something in this house. Because I take so much pride in it. Of all the homes I’ve had, this is really my home. It’s a metaphor for who I am. I built and installed every cabinet in the kitchen, built and installed every custom closet unit, set every piece of tile, hung every fixture, and picked out every antique knob. This isn’t me bragging about my aesthetic sense or expertise. It’s not about the skill set, it’s about the mind-set. That useless second front door on the first house you read about didn’t stay there for years because no one had the skill to remove it; it was because no one had the will to remove it. I came from the least effective group of people to grace this planet, yet I’m a doer. I’m a closer. I get shit done. And that’s not something you can buy, or that someone can give you. It’s something you have to build into yourself and your life. The ability to take care of business, to focus, to lock it off and knock it off. As opposed to every dump I grew up in, my current house stands as a testimony to that mind-set. – location 4117-24


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