Lucifer’s Hammer by Jerry Pournelle

Lucifer's Hammer

Lucifer’s Hammer
A comet swings around the sun, breaks apart, and large chucks of it hit the Earth. Before this event, scientist and politicians try to downplay the odds, while making inadequate preparations. After the impact there isn’t much left, and the few survivors are fighting each other to continue to do so. You can see some social structures reforming, but resources are too difficult to recover. I wish the writing was a little better, but the plot was good.

642 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

Sharps punched a button on the phone console. “Larry. Get us some coffee, please.” He turned back to Harvey. “Damndest thing,” he said. “Whole nation depends on technology. Stop the wheels for two days and you’d have riots. No place is more than two meals from a revolution. Think of Los Angeles or New York with no electricity. Or a longer view, fertilizer plants stop. Or a longer view yet, no new technology for ten years. What happens to our standard of living?” “Sure, we’re a high-technology civiliz–” “Yet…” Sharps said. His voice was firm. He intended to finish. “Yet the damned fools won’t pay ten minutes’ attention a day to science and technology. How many people know what they’re doing? Where do these carpets come from? The clothes you’re wearing? What do carburetors do? Where do sesame seeds come from? Do you know? Does one voter out of thirty? They won’t spend ten minutes a day thinking about the technology that keeps them alive. No wonder the research budget has been cut to nothing. We’ll pay for that. One day we’ll need something that could have been developed years before but wasn’t–” He stopped himself. “Tell me, Harv, will this TV thing of yours be big or will it get usual billing for a science program?” – location 800-808

Dune; Nova; Double Star; The Corridors of Time; Cat’s Cradle; Half Past Human; Murder in Retrospect; Gideon’s Day; The Red Right Hand; The Trojan Hearse; A Deadly Shade of Gold; Conjure Wife; Rosemary’s Baby; Silverlock; King Conan. – location 4490-92

Of all states that is the worst whose rulers no longer enjoy an authority sufficiently extensive for everyone to obey them with good grace, but in which their authority over a part of their subjects is sufficiently large to enable them to constrain others. – Bertrand de Jouvenal, Sovereignty – location 7134-36


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