The Adorama Guides by The Adorama Learning Center

The Adorama Guides

The Adorama Guides

These pdf guides are a little over 40 pages each. They have goods tips about photographing various subjects. The books are available free for VIP members, and the VIP memberships are free.. for now.

The Sports book had the most tips for me as I’m often photographing my nephews events.

Remember the “5 P‘s” of sports photography: planning, practice, patience, position and persistence, and keep detailed notes about your shooting conditions, settings, lighting and any other information that is relevant to the event and you’ll advance your skills with each and every frame you shoot.

Shooting from the left side of the basket will let you avoid getting the backs of referees from ruining your photos. Generally, the referees will stand in the middle, half court area and in the area directly to the right of the basket.

In the future I may need some of the advice found in the Studio lighting book, but for now I’m still trying to figure out my strobe. The information in the Compact Digital Camera guide is good for beginners, and there are good tips in the Family photography guide.

160 pages

Four Guides..

The Adorama Guide to Taking Better Photos
With Your Compact Digital Camera

by Mason Resnick (Editor, Adorama Learning Center)
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Fix 12 Common Picture-Taking Mistakes.
  Fix #01: Lighten deep shadows on faces in bright sunlight.
  Fix #02: Get rid of blurred off-center faces.
  Fix #03: Prevent shaky shots.
  Fix #04: Eliminate unwanted silhouettes.
  Fix #05: Do your photos have too much space overhead?.
  Fix #06: Beware distracting backgrounds.
  Fix #07: Fill the frame when shooting a portrait.
  Fix #08: "Why is my nose so big?"
  Fix #09: Did you shake your camera while in night portrait mode?
  Fix #10: Don't let far flash foible leave your subject in the dark.
  Fix #11: Set your White Balance.
  Fix #12: Perfect beach exposures every time.
Chapter 2: Six scene modes you may actually want to use.
Chapter 3: Quick Tip: Prevent Slow-Reacting Shutters.
Chapter 4: Teaching Children To Take Pictures.
Chapter 5: What To Look For In A Compact Digital Camera.

Adorama’s Guide to
Sports and Action Photography Introduction

by Mason Resnick (Editor, Adorama Learning Center)
Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Gear Up! for Sports and Action Photography 
Chapter 02: Timing: The Key to Capturing Action 
Chapter 03: Freezing and Unfreezing Motion 
Chapter 04: Panning 
Chapter 05: Baseball 
Chapter 06: Football 
Chapter 07: Basketball 
Chapter 08: Tennis 
Chapter 09: Track 
Chapter 10: Winter Sports 
Chapter 11: Horse Races 
Chapter 12: Car Races

Adorama’s Guide to
Getting Started in Studio Lighting & Backgrounds

by Mason Resnick (Editor, Adorama Learning Center)
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What are Continuous Lighting Sources?
Chapter 2: What are Monolights?
Chapter 3: What are AC and DC Packs and Heads?
Chapter 4: Using Bank Lights
Chapter 5: Trigger Your Studio Strobes Wirelessly On A Small Budget
Chapter 6: Single-Light Portraits
Chapter 7: Portraits Without a Studio 
Chapter 8: Studio Backdrop Buying Guide
Chapter 9: What Color Is Your Seamless Background?

Adorama’s Guide to
Family Photography

by Mason Resnick (Editor, Adorama Learning Center)
Table of Contents

Chapter 01: How to Photography a Newborn Baby
Chapter 02: Baby's First Year
Chapter 03: Young Child
Chapter 04: First Food and Nap, Then Photos
Chapter 05: Birthday Parties
Chapter 06: How To Dress For A Family Photo
Chapter 07: How To Master Dog Photography
Chapter 08: Quick Tips For Point-and-Shoot Camera Users
Chapter 09: Gear Guide

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