World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
A clever look at the collapse of civilization and its rebuilding after a virus runs wild- literally, as a Zombie outbreak. Not so much a horror book as a look at the breakdown of modern governments. The narrator of the book interviews the survivors. It allows Brooks to cover a lot of ground and imagine the reaction of a lot of different types of people. It reads like a collection of related short stories and as an allegory for AIDS, bio-warfare, or terrorism. The book is well written and a fun read.

432 pages

Kindle Excerpts

Gavin Blaire pilots one of the D-17 combat dirigibles that make up the core of America’s Civil Air Patrol. It is a task well suited to him. In civilian life, he piloted a Fujifilm blimp. – location 1095-97
[I always knew my CAP training would come in handy, but I never thought it would be in to fight zombies from blimps.]

To be perfectly candid, our supply of talent was at a critical low. Ours was a postindustrial or service-based economy, so complex and highly specialized that each individual could only function within the confines of its narrow, compartmentalized structure. You should have seen some of the “careers” listed on our first employment census; everyone was some version of an “executive,” a “representative,” an “analyst,” or a “consultant,” all perfectly suited to the prewar world, but all totally inadequate for the present crisis. We needed carpenters, masons, machinists, gunsmiths. We had those people, to be sure, but not nearly as many as were necessary. The first labor survey stated clearly that over 65 percent of the present civilian workforce were classified F-6, possessing no valued vocation. – location 2316-22
[I’ve often wondered what possible value these modern jobs have.]

And a final thank-you to the three men whose inspiration made this book possible: Studs Terkel, the late General Sir John Hackett, and, of course, the genius and terror of George A. Romero. – location 5558-59
[Interesting that I’ve read “The Good War” and “The Third World War”, and have viewed the Romero movies.]


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