Metropolis by Thea Von Harbou


Metropolis  is a rather plodding, flowery hot mess of a story, not a book you would read for fun. Recently I rekindled my interest in the 1927 Fritz Lang movie– sparked in part by Suzanne reading “Metropolis” (a different book all together). The silent movie seems as if it has an amazing story that is unspoken, so I decided to read the novel, written by Lang’s second wife: Thea Von Harbou. The story mixes: religion, science, science fiction, symbolism, sociology, love, sex, politics, eugenics, and propaganda. When I read the book I tried to make sense of the story. Then I tried to mentally reconstruct the story so it would make sense- even that failed. Your best bet is to simply enjoy the imagery of the film and only crack open the book if you feel compelled to know what the characters are saying and thinking. I would give the movie a (B).

236 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

Then, from their glittering thrones, Baal and Moloch, Huitzilopochtli and Durgha arose. All the god-machines got up, stretching their limbs in a fearful liberty. – location 2696-98

Joh Fredersen caught the sound of his son’s laugh. He was already near the door of the cathedral. He stopped and looked at the stack of pillars, in the delicate, canopied niches of which stood the saintly men and women, smiling gently. “You have suffered,” thought his dream-filled brain. “You have been redeemed by suffering. You have attained to bliss… Is it worth while to suffer?-Yes.” – location 3451-54

“Maria when you spoke of my father, before, this tone of love was not in your voice… ” “Since then much has taken place, Freder. Since then, within a rock, a spring has come to life, heavy with salt and red with blood. Since then Joh Fredersen’s hair has turned snow-white with deadly fear for his son. Since then have those whom I called my brothers sinned from excessive suffering. Since then has Joh Fredersen suffered from excessive sin. Will you not allow them both, Freder–your father as well as my brothers–to pay for their sin, to atone, to become reconciled?” “Yes, Maria.” “Will you help them, you mediator?” “Yes, Maria.” – location 3469-75


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