Rat Girl by Kristin Hersh

Rat Girl

Rat Girl: A Memoir
An interesting memoir about a rock band that fell out of the head of a teenage girl. The girl is Kristin Hersh and the band is ‘Throwing Muses’. Kristin was either bi-polar or still suffering the effects of brain damage after being hit by a car. The book covers just one year in her life but what a year. The book is well written but slightly off kilter, much like their music. I loved reading it. The book is listed #8 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 25 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time. I hope she writes another.

334 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

“We never call ourselves Throwing Muses, anyway,” I said. “We say Blowing Fuses or Spewing Mouses.” – location 653-54

Most of the time my poor bandmates just cuddle the comic books, though, having dropped off somewhere in the middle. I watch them sleeping and realize that we are no longer the clean, healthy beach kids we were a few months ago. Boston seemed so ugly and dirty at first, but we’ve settled into grime as a way of life. In fact, we’re comforted by it. I think we’ve become genuinely dirty–the kind of dirty that doesn’t wash off in the shower. Crumbling walls and stained carpet match our own shittiness, mean we belong in a place. I hope it’s because we’re pure of heart. – location 2663-67


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