Get In The Van by Henry Rollins

Get in the Van

Get In The Van: On The Road With Black Flag is Rollins’ Black Flag tour journal. He was lead singer of the California based hard-core punk band for five years: 1981 to 1986. Starvation, violence, and stress; repeat over and over again, a black comedy of success. Rollins was tormented all the time, yet manages an aloof demeanor as he describes what few of us would put up with, let alone enjoy.

I never got into Black Flag, but I was a fan of Sonic Youth, Husker Du, and The Minutemen (SST Records label mates), so it was interesting to see into the life of a marginal band: constantly touring and waiting for the big break- living day to day; fooling yourself that everything is going great, and waking up every morning knowing its a lie.

305 pages


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