Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One

This is one of those novels that came on my radar because of great reviews by Goodreads friends.  When some of those friends decided to feature Ready Player One as a buddy read for the month of November, I was in!

This book was such a fun ride!  The main character, Wade Watts, lives in the year 2044 in a world that has been run down economically and environmentally.  The only bright spot in this world of despair is Oasis, an operating system that allows users to enter a techno-world through the use of an online avatar.  Many people like 18 year old Wade, spend most of their time in virtual reality because it is a way to escape the terrible world they live in.

The original designer of Oasis, Richard Halliday,  set up a contest before he died, which sets “gunters” (hunters like Wade) on a quest to find three virtual keys, which open three virtual gates.  The contestants must solve riddles and win games/battles in order to progress through this game.  The winner gets the whole of Halliday’s fortune.

Something about this book reminded me of watching a really cool movie.  Halliday filled his virtual world full of 80’s references, and it was a blast reading how clues from old movies, video games and music help Wade and his friends to unravel Halliday’s mystery.  There’s also IOI – the nemesis corporation that seeks to grab the winnings for itself, and they will stop at nothing to do it.

Great fun!

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2011
374 pages


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