Redeployment by Phil Klay


Redeployment is an excellent book. Klay manages to tell a larger story by the use of unrelated short stories. The men and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting more than Sadam and the Taliban. Klay makes his characters come alive in these stories. It makes me think they are composites of real people he knew. But I don’t know, and can’t really judge how realistic any of these stories are. So I take them at face value and read about the (moral, political, economic, and military) complexity of Modern Warfare that Klay illustrates.

304 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

“You have baked Iraq like a cake,” he said, “and given it to Iran to eat.” – location 1029-1030

It’s too late for Charlie to be anything other than what it is. Our Kill Company. But this is a war. A Kill Company’s not the worst thing to have.” – location 1761-1762

especially appreciated how they avoided taking political positions that would have interfered with telling the men’s stories. – location 3159-3160


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