Hating Whitey by David Horowitz

Hating Whitey

Hating Whitey: And Other Progressive Causes

Did we win the Cold War? After reading “Hating Whitey” I would say not. Horowitz isn’t suggesting the Soviets won, they certainly lost, but we didn’t win either. Communists, radical leftists, and Socialist of every stripe have taken over the media, education, and even parts of our government. They have since change their names to Progressives, Environmentalist, and work for Social Justice. But the cause is the same, and in some cases even the same people. The book is a collection of Horowitz’s columns. The book is over 15 years old, and since then, everything Horowitz has predicted has come true, and everything is worse. Growing up a Radical himself, Horowitz has a unique perspective on the left. If you don’t mind having your blood pressure raised, then this a good book to get a feel for the Progressive Cause.

312 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

During the darkest days of the cold war, the Italian writer Ignazio Silone predicted that the final struggle of that great conflict would be between the communists and the ex-communists. – location 605-606

In his book, Liberal Racism, veteran civil rights activist Jim Sleeper addresses the toxic effect of these good intentions. “Liberalism no longer curbs discrimination,” he writes. “It invites it. It does not expose racism; it recapitulates and, sometimes, reinvents it.”  – location 662-665

After the class, I went up to the teacher and said that I admired her pedagogy in advising the students that she was not there to tell them what to think, but to teach them how. On the other hand, I thought that assigning an ideological Marxist tome as the course’s only text worked at cross-purposes with that goal. At once the smile disappeared from her face. She said: “Well, they get the other side from the newspapers.” Education like this costs Bates parents thirty thousand dollars each year in tuition alone. – location 2220-2224

The contemporary American university is a feudal institution, run somewhat like the Communist Party, where the elect raise people to the heights by exercising the same kind of arbitrary droit de seigneur that was the privilege of rulers in pre-democratic and pre-capitalist times. – location 2256-2258

As a result of the communist victory (and our efforts to make America lose), more people more poor Indo-Chinese peasants were killed by the Marxist victors in the first three years of the communist peace than had been killed on all sides in the thirteen years of the anti-communist war. This is a fact that has caused some of us veterans of those years to reconsider our commitments and our innocence then. – location 2500-2502

In retrospect, Hayden was more cynical and more shrewd than we were. By destroying the presidential aspirations of Hubert Humphrey, he dealt a fatal blow to the anti-communist liberals in the Democratic Party and paved the way for a takeover of its apparatus by the forces of the political left, a trauma from which the party has yet to recover. – location 2557-2559

It is the fact that the community of the left is a community of meaning and is bound by ties that are fundamentally religious. For the nonreligious, politics is the art of managing the possible. For the left, it is the path to a social redemption. This messianism is its political essence. For the left, the agenda of politics is ultimately not about practical options concerning which reasonable people may reasonably differ. It is about moral choices that define one as human. It is about taking sides in a war that will decide the future and whether the principle of justice will prevail. It is about us being on the side of the angels, and them as the party of the damned. – location 3076-3081

At the heart of the crisis is, in fact, a White House that has loaded its administration with officials deeply disenchanted with, if not actively hostile to, America’s character and purposes. – location 3371-3373
[Horowitz is talking about the Clinton Administration but he could easily be talking about the Obama Administration, which is even worse.]

Understanding the security disaster that has befallen the United States requires an understanding that the leakage of America’s secrets proceeded along two parallel tracks. One track was espionage, the other was a political-economic track through the legal commercial activities of the United States government and in particular through its political oversight of these commercial activities, which in past administrations had included formal controls of sensitive technologies that the Clinton team systematically dismantled. Political contributors to the Clinton-Gore campaigns played key roles in promoting the dismantling process. – location 3456-3460

In the battle of good and evil that formed the core of our romantic myth, we had enlisted New Left and Old alike on the wrong side of the historical conflict. We had set out as the proud harbingers of a progressive future. But what we had actually created were realities far worse than those we were seeking to escape. The enemies we scorned patriots defending America-turned out to be the protectors of what was decent and pragmatically good, and had saved us from being consumed by our crimes. – location 3535-3538

And that is when I also realized that our progressive romance would go on. Some, like myself, might wake from its vapors under blows of great personal pain. But there would always be others, and in far greater number, who would not. A century of broken dreams and the slaughters they spawned would, in the end, teach nothing to those who had no reason to hear. Least of all would it cure them of their hunger for a romance that is really a desire not to know who and what we are. – location 3548-3552


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