Comic Book Nation by Bradford Wright

Comic Book Nation

Comic Book Nation: The Transformation Of Youth Culture In America

There was a period of time before I was 13, when I read my fair share of comic books. I was thinking about this the other day and plan to write in some detail about the role of comics and cartoons had in my life. I picked up this book to get some history on the topic. Wright has covered the history of the comic book in America during the Twentieth Century. It’s a short book so he only covers the popular titles and houses (mostly DC and Marvel). He shows the role comics played in our culture and how that role has expanded.

285 pages


There is much made of Comics’ artistry. But I have never found this to be true and still don’t. It’s hard to take comics seriously. Especially when they try too hard to be relevant. Instead they’re just pretentious and stupid in the worst ways. They’re usually badly written and poorly drawn too. This said I still like comics, for what they are: exaggerations of pop culture. What I don’t like is how comics and video games seem to have taken over Science Fiction. And wrecked it.


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