Edge Of Dark by Brenda Cooper

Edge Of Dark

The Edge Of Dark: The Glittering Edge has an interesting theme about what it means to be human. I looked forward to reading Cooper’s novel on this topic. The plot starts well but I found as it progressed, it left me with questions. Cooper’s characters acted in ways that seemed unexplainable. Especially the Next. The Next are humans that have uploaded their consciousness into computers and/or cybernetic beings. Many have cloned their consciousness. For this crime they have been exiled into the Dark. (The outer limits of the solar system, not Earth’s but Lym’s.) Now they want to come back because now they have the firepower to make it happen. But I don’t understand why they were exiled in the first place because the biological humans don’t seem to have any issues with robots, so why the issue with cyborgs? There’s almost infinite room in a solar system so why the exile? Cooper makes the Next almost more-human, and more ethical in some parts of the book, but then the Next kill everyone at the first space station they stop at, seemingly for no reason. Rest of the plot doesn’t make much sense either. It might be okay if Cooper worked the theme of book (what it means to be a human) harder. I thought the characters were pretty good. I had no problem with her writing style. Even the jumping around cause me no problem. But the weak plot means I won’t be reading any more books in the series.

402 pages


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