It’s So Easy by Duff McKagan

It's So Easy

It’s So Easy: and other lies is a well written journey. A musician climbs to the top, falls to the bottom and then picks himself back up. I like some Guns N Roses songs but I’m not a fan of the band. So I wasn’t too upset when the band falls apart. But due to Duff’s excellent writing I was upset when his life fell apart. His return from death is very inspiring.

384 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

Other bands had mailing lists, but one of the secrets to GNRs success was how much time and effort we spent building and maintaining ours. – location 1307-1308

Half a block north of Sunset on Gardner was the mouth of a dead-end alleyway that ran east behind what was then the Guitar Center. Halfway down the alley, the slender lane opened into a tarmac lot behind a public elementary school. Along this lot, there were half a dozen doors to self-storage spaces used for various types of commerce. We found one for rent for four hundred dollars a month and knew it was our spot, though wed have to fudge a little bit about what we planned to do in there. Once we finally jumped through all of the various hoops presented to us by the apprehensive landlord, we got the keys to our new rehearsal studio. – location 1328-1332 [Around this time I was there.. buying an Ibanez bass.]

That’s right: Duff McKagan, king of beers, viscount of vodka, count of coke. Champion of the world. Asshole. – location 2899-2900

On the American leg of the tour, I went looking for trouble with Dizzy or Gilby. I remember landing in Fargo for a show in late March 1993, at the Fargo Dome. We got into town, looked around, and thought, Oh, god. Dizzy and I hopped in a limo and decided to cause a stir. We drove to the local rock radio station and went inside unannounced. We went on the air and people started showing up at the stations office. Then we went to the local mall, looking for drugs or action of any kind. – location 3103-3106  [I bet he didn’t find much action at West Acres!]

What was amazing for me to see with these pro bikers was just how hard they trained. It took genuine suffering to get good at this type of sport. It also struck me that self-discipline wasn’t the only byproduct of all that painful work: humility seemed to accompany it. There was always someone better, and always something you yourself could do better. – location 3520-3522

My life was all about literature, martial arts, healthy food, and mountain biking. I was a stone-cold nerd. I was only in Los Angles because I was still trying to work with GNR. The nightlife ethic there was something I now saw as shallow. – location 3824-3826

At the top of the hill, the driveway circled a grand fountain. Outside were an Olympic-size pool and a tennis court, and inside eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 7,500 square feet of living space. The place was straight out of a hip-hop video. But it wasn’t in what you would call move-in condition. The couple who owned it had gone through an ugly divorce. The man moved out and the woman had trashed the place. Water-skiing in the nearby lake was out of the question, but on a lark I put in an offer on the house for significantly less than a million dollars. For a place this size, my offer would have been a steal in Fargo, North Dakota. This, of course, was Malibu. The next day my phone rang: offer accepted. What? No way! – location 4074-4080


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