Atlas 3 by Issac Hooke


I felt like I was fighting with the MOTH teams. No, I don’t mean ATLAS 3 was immersive. I mean I was fighting Issac Hooke; his one dimensional characters, formulaic aliens, and an overwhelming urge to put down this book and never pick it up again. I had to fight harder than Rade Galaal against a room full of Slugs, Crabs, and Phants.. just to stay awake. These vile insectile aliens invade the Earth colonies on the moons of Tau Ceti II. I soooo wanted there to be more behind this thin plot. Sorry, but there has to be more to these aliens if they’re going to be this powerful. The humans never discover a weakness.

Spoiler alert, Hooke throws in some ‘good’ green Phants (they come in different hues) who join the side of the humans. This is the plot of every lame SF TV show in the twenty years. Hooke also relies too much on cliff hangers to build suspense. He has two teams on two alien ships trying to blow them up with nukes. So we jump back and forth between chapters, seemingly fighting the same fights over and over again. From one cliche to another. The book finally regains its footing when Rade’s girlfriend, Shaw Chopra shows up. Hooke finally gets down to finishing off this series. Hooke leaves the door open for more books, but as far as I’m concerned that door is closed.

496 pages


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