Now Face to Face by Karleen Koen

Now Face To Face

From the jacket:  “A child bride at fifteen, widow at twenty, Barbara Montgeoffry, Countess Devane, arrives in colonial Virginia in 1721.  Emotionally devastated and financially ruined by her husband’s death, she must find the strength and skill to turn a family tobacco plantation into a prosperous enterprise.  But soon, as King George and James Stuart vie for the English crown, Barbara will return to London, entering a world of treacherous intrigue to confront her enemies, reclaim what is rightfully hers…and pursue a dangerous, clandestine love that will shape her destiny and forever alter the course of nations.”

Looking at the front cover photo and reading the above book description, I bet you were thinking this was a romance novel.  You’d be betting wrong!  This is the third and last book in Karleen Koen’s Tamworth Saga, a fictional, yet historical look at England’s changing political landscape in the early 18th century.

This was my least favorite of the trilogy, but only because of it’s disjointedness of pitting two parallel stories against each other.  I liked very much Barbara Montgeoffry’s story line of her adventures in Virginia.  The author does a fine job in telling of colonial life and the stark contrast the Countess Devane would have found in Virginian life compared to English genteel society.  The English story line incorporating her family’s political intrigues with Barbara’s situation was confusing to me for much of the book. It was difficult to make out who the various characters were and how they (and their actions) connected with the Countess Devane.  It did all come together at the end, but it was by no means seamless.

Still, I’m glad I finally finished the trilogy, giving closure to this story.

3 1/2 stars (out of 5)
Published in 1995
703 pages


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