The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole

The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole: Book #2

The book begins were the first one ends, and ends before his O-levels. More of the same: Adrian Mole has the same adolescent issues everyone has, but he’s delusional about his abilities and generally obvious to what’s going around him. We return to his friends, girlfriend Pandora Braithwaite, and parents George and Pauline Mole. George fathers a child (Brett) out of wedlock with Doreen Slater (Stick Insect), joining her son Maxwell, at Adrian’s grandmother: May Mole. During their separation Pauline has an affair with a neighbor, Mr. Lucas (The Creep). Pauline gets pregnant, George and Pauline reconcile, with George thinking the child (Rosie) is his until Lucas demands a blood test. Adrian’s 90-year old friend Bert marries Queenie, who then dies of a stroke. The Mole and Braithwaite families take care of Bert and Sabre, the dog.
It’s all pretty complex, but wildly funny as seen through the eyes of Adrian.

293 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

During the month of March 1982 it would seem that both my parents were carrying on clandestine relationships, which resulted in the birth of two children. Yet my diary for that period records my childish fourteen-year-old thoughts and preoccupations. – location 2035-2037

Rat fink Lucas sent my mother a Mothers Day card signed Rosie. Grandma sent Stick Insect a card signed Brett. My mother sent Grandma Mole a card signed George. My father sent my Grandma Sugden a card signed Pauline. I didn’t send the woman who gave birth to me a card this year. Interpersonal relationships in our family have gone completely to pot. This is what living with the shadow of the bomb does to you. – location 2193-2197

Pandora went round to Brain Box Henderson’s house to break the news, but he was out buying floppy disks, so she left a message on his word processor. Getting Pandora back from him is a triumph of Art over Technology. – location 2453-2454


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