To Protect by Mickey Zucker Reichert

To Protect

Isaac Asimov’s original book was a collection of short stories. Each was plot driven; featuring logic puzzles involving the three Laws of Robotics. Each solved by Dr. Susan Calvin. Reichert’s book is character driven and introduces us to Susan Calvin as a First Year Resident Psychologist R-1. Susan does not read like the original Dr. Calvin. In this book she’s warmer and fleshed out as a person rather than a cold analytical cipher. In Reichert’s book the robots are more advanced than in the Asimov book, at least at the date given: July 2035.
To Protect: Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” –  was a page turner, medical drama, which I enjoyed. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Book 1 of 3

395 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

Once upon a time, people with serious psychiatric illnesses spent their days in facilities that could handle them, in a controlled and exquisitely structured environment. Their relatives visited them on a schedule that suited their individual needs. The patient with psychosis could live in a world that made sense to him, where his delusions could be safely indulged, where he could find some comfortable form of logic and security. Then, in the 1970s, some good-hearted people decided it was cruel to keep people in asylums all their lives. It did not all turn out badly. As medical science advanced, the needs of those with emotional difficulties and neuroses, those with milder psychoses treatable with psychotherapy, with surgery, with ever-improving medications, thrived in their new and open environment.

But, for some, their psychoses remained incurable; and their needs were vastly different. They had functioned better within the confines of an institution, had relied on the structure and predictable routine for even a semblance of normalcy. For those patients with lifelong, severe psychiatric disorders, the outside world was a dark and dangerous place. And so, they lashed out on occasion, leaving murder and mayhem in their wakes, or became crime victims themselves, or lived and died in grimy squalid conditions on the streets. – location 4016-4026

Do you believe in love at first sight? Remington hesitated, his gaze tracking a toddler headed toward what appeared to be an older sibling, the toddlers steps tentative and bowlegged, his arms outstretched. If you’re asking do I believe its possible to glance across a crowded room, meet someones gaze, and instantly know you’re soul mates, then no. I don’t believe its possible to love someone until you know whats in that persons heart and mind. Some of the most outwardly attractive people in the world are vain, prejudiced, or just plain stupid. He turned his gaze to Susan and raised his brows in quick succession. On the other hand, I do believe in lust at first sight. You see someone exquisitely beautiful and can imagine making wild, passionate love for the rest of your born days. He smiled crookedly. Usually, though, she opens her mouth before you can get her into bed and spoils everything. – location 4329-4335


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