Broken Music by Sting

Broken Music

Who is Gordon Sumner? And how did he become Sting? These questions and more are answered in Broken Music . Sting is one of the most if not the most cerebral of all rock musicians, so I was expecting a well written book. It was. What I wasn’t expecting was seeing a regular guy who just worked harder than most rock stars. Gordon knew at an early age he wanted to be a musician, and he didn’t stop working until he achieved his goals. He’s probably still working at his craft.

The story stops with the first Police album. The Police and his solo work would be books in and of themselves- thick books I’m guessing. Instead Sting introduces us to his family, friends, and early bands: including his Jazz band ‘Last Exit’. He marries Frances and has a child. He meets Trudie, which sets the stage for divorce and a second marriage. We meet the Copeland brothers: Stewart (drummer for the Police), Ian (tour manager for the Police), and (Miles Copeland III, manager for the Police).

The book begins with Sting and Trudie taking part of a native religious ceremony in 1987. This literary device is used to ‘flashback‘ to Sting’s childhood. I would have cut this device. It adds nothing to the story, and makes Sting seem like stoner from page one. This is wrong. What the book illustrates is a perseverance to become a professional musician. The story ends back in Brazil. I wonder if he’s making some illusion to The Lady of The Lake?

450 pages


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