The Widow’s War by Mary Mackey

The Widow's War

I needed a book set in Kansas and I have a love of historical fiction.  I ran across this book, which features the fight for Kansas Territory between the abolitionists and the pro-slavers during the mid 19th century, and it seemed like a great fit.

There were parts of this novel that I really liked.  Mackey told how both sides flooded Kansas with sympathizers and predictably, violence broke out.  She detailed information about John Brown and his sons, how groups of abolitionists stole slaves in Missouri and brought them north, and how pro-slavers took the law into their own hands, burning the property of abolitionist and even hanging them.

The story of Carrie Vinton as a woman wronged by a fortune seeker was a bit out there.  It reminded me of a romance novel, but didn’t quite go that far.  Her story just wasn’t that believable.

2 1/2 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2009
368 pages


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