The Gravity Of Birds by Tracy Guzman

The Gravity of Birds

In 1972, two families were renting cabins on a summer lake.  The Kessler sisters develop a relationship with young Thomas Bayber, a budding artist who captures their images and their hearts.

Years later, Bayber is a famous artist who retired twenty-years earlier.  He tells his agent that there is a previously unrecorded canvas that he commissions him to sell.  Upon seeing the canvas of Bayber with the Kessler sisters, the clever agent realizes that there are two more panels to this piece and insists they be found so that the triptych can be presented together.  The search for the missing panels begins a journey into Bayber and the Kessler sister’s past, which not only makes for a great mystery, but a terrific page-turner as well.

I don’t typically enjoy books about relationships, but Guzman does a wonderful job weaving prose, the subject of art, and ornithology into a work of fiction that I found hard to put down.  Wonderful first novel by Tracy Guzman!

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2013
295 pages


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