Base Handbook by The Document Foundation

Base Handbook

Base Handbook: for LibreOffice 4.0

I was looking for a possible replacement for Panorama. is going to a subscription model and a lot of my recent database files are pretty simple. Apple’s Filemaker Pro is over kill. I started thinking about the database that was in Clarisworks/Appleworks. This is no longer available. Are there are no simple database programs?

I decided to look at Base in Libre Office. This is the official manual for the program. It may be free but it’s overly complex. It seems designed more for fans of SQL and other relational database applications. A sub-genre that I hope is quickly losing its dominance.

The manual is laid out pretty well and has additional chapters if you wish go deeper into the program or have special use requirements.* It’s nice to know Base is available in Libre, but as Libre is designed a Microsoft Office replacement for the casual user (at least I hope it is.) I would like to see Base replaced with something newer and simpler; something between the Spreadsheet and Database packages.

260 pages

* Example: Like Access, it can be used to create small embedded databases that are stored with the document files (using Java-based HSQLDB as its storage engine), and for more demanding tasks it can also be used as a front-end for various database systems, including Access databases (JET), ODBC/JDBC data sources, and MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access. –wikipedia

Contributors: Jochen Schiffers, Hazel Russman, Dan Lewis, Robert Großkopf, Martin Fox, Jean Hollis Weber, Jost Lange, Andrew Pitonyak

Acknowledgments: This book is based on an original German document, which was translated by Hazel Russman and Martin Fox.
Published 3 July 2013
Based on LibreOffice 4.0.


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