A Natural Woman by Carole King

A Natural Woman

A Natural Woman: A Memoir

I read this autobiography shortly after reading Graham Nash’s. I was struck how similar their paths were. They met many of the same people and wrote similar music. But where Nash came off as unpleasant, King comes across as warm and loving. Nash’s book revolves around cocaine. King’s book revolves around family.

King’s book is well written, and easy to read. She does a good job of detailing: her Jewish childhood in Brooklyn, meeting first husband Gerry Goffin, writing songs, breaking up with Gerry, moving to California, and recording “Tapestry”.

After 1972 King glosses over her career. Instead, she dwells on her family life. The ups and downs of her next three marriages. Not exactly why I read Rock Biographies, but I was captivated by the years she lived off-the-grid in Idaho.

As a songwriter King was in a unique position to show us the Music industry in the 1960s and 1970s. She has a lot of fascinating memories that she shares in the book.

475 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

I wasn’t in the same league vocally as Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, or Barbra Streisand (whom I considered “real singers”), but I knew how to convey the mood and emotion of a song with an honest, straight-from-the-heart interpretation. – location 2425-2427
[I strongly believe in ‘selling the song’ – often powerhouse singers miss this with their acrobatic runs. I would much rather hear someone sing flat but pick up the emotion and mood of the lyrics, than listen to some perfect voice run scales and miss the point of the lyrics.]

With the Carpenters recording [“Carpenters“] in Studio A and Joni Mitchell recording “Blue” down the hall in Studio C with Henry Lewy engineering, Lou and I would be recording [“Tapestry“] with Hank Cicalo in Studio B. – location 2431-2432 [King points out, Studio A was too big, Studio C was too small, but Studio B, just like Goldilocks was just right. Three great albums.]

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