M Train by Patti Smith

M Train

M Train wasn’t as interesting as “Just Kids“. This book is a collection of stories, somewhat related, on the topic of loss. The stories are tied together by her love of coffee and Polaroid film. Her stories often take place in her head. The book has a strong journal/inner thoughts feel.. a way of processing the loss of her husband: Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith. No coincidence the books deals with: storms, graves and prisons? Smith succeeds in making the reader feel her loss and her listlessness. It’s not what I was hopping to read: life is fleeting and hard to hold on to. Not my cup of tea.. or coffee.

273 pages

Excerpt from the book:

What a drug this little book is; it imbibe it is to find oneself presuming his process. I read and feel that same compulsion; the desire to posses what he has written, which can only be subdued by writing something myself. It is not mere envy but a delusional quickening in m the blood. Patti Smith on “After Nature” a book of poetry by W. G. Sebald.


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