The Impeachment Of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen L. Carter

The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

What would have happened if John Wilkes Booth’s assassin’s bullet had not been fatal?  Stephen L. Carter takes on that question as he presents a thrilling mystery in The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln.  Set two years after the assassination attempt, President Lincoln is facing an impeachment trial.  The law firm defending him has hired a bright young black woman, Abigail Canner, as a law clerk.  Canner arrives at her new offices and almost immediately the partner in the law firm, McShane, is murdered alongside a woman outside a brothel.  Canner becomes central in solving the mystery that is connected with the impeachment trial.

I greatly enjoyed this page-turner.  It was clear the Carter, a professor of Law at Yale University, was well-versed in the legal background that was necessary to make this book believable and interesting.  A very fun read.

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2012
516 pages


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