Napoleon: A Life by Paul Johnson


If you are looking for a concise biography on the great military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, Paul Johnson’s book fits the bill nicely.  From Napoleon’s early life in Corsica, his military training in France, and ultimately his rise to power, Johnson presents a characterization of Napoleon that is both interesting and informative.

In many ways, despite his military prowess, Napoleon was a man who happened to come along at the right moment in history.  He was a military hero in a country that was sick of bloodshed and wanted law and order.  Had Napoleon presented himself at any other time, he would scarcely be mentioned in the history books.  But such is life.

This is a good read, albeit a short one.  I’d give it one more star if the work had been more encompassing.  Perhaps that is unfair as this book was obviously meant to be concise, but take it as you will.

3 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2006
208 pages

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