The Kingdom Of Speech by Tom Wolfe

The Kingdom Of Speech

The Kingdom Of Speech

This is not one of Wolfe’s strongest works. I grant that it was interest. A look at the science of speech from an evolutionary stand point. The story of Alfred Russell Wallace beating Charles Darwin to the Theory of Evolution. And Daniel Everett breaking Noam Chomsky’s theories of language.
The theme of Wolfe’s book is about human scientific progress. Unfortunately the topic is still unsettled, so I was left contemplating the role speech plays in evolution or the role evolution played in speech. Wolfe’s writing seemed flat, but thankfully the book is short.

192 pages

Excerpts From My Kindle

But in point of fact mnemonics isn’t just in the service of language. Mnemonics is language. – location 2284-2285

Speech ended not only the evolution of man, by making it no longer necessary for survival, but also the evolution of animals. Today the so-called animal kingdom is an animal colony, and we own it. It exists only at our sufferance. – location 2308-2310

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