Night School by Lee Child

Night School

Night School: Jack Reacher #21 is prequel. Major Jack Reacher is still in the military. Reacher and assets from the FBI and CIA have to solve a $100 million dollar mystery, which takes them to Hamburg, Germany. This is not one of the better Reacher books. This is one of the ‘Reacher saves the world‘ stories. The kind you image Tom Cruise asked him to write. Lee is an expert at building tension in his novels, but I had to laugh when Reacher has a fling with his superior. I can just imagine Cruise reading the galleries; calling up Child and saying, “Lee I need a sex scene or two in this story. Can you do it for me buddy?” Hopefully the next book will be written for his fans.

384 pages

Excerpt From My Kindle

“No one knows what to do next. No one knows if it’s something or nothing.” “We should put those words on our unit patch. Like a motto on a scroll below two crossed question marks.” – location 1061-1063

Kindle Instant Preview of “Night School”


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