The Red One by Jack London

The Red One

The Red One: Short Story Collection (1918)

I wanted to read the first of Four short stories: “The Red One”, because Arthur C. Clarke got the idea of “The Sentinel” (the precursor to “2001”) from it. I wasn’t aware that Jack London wrote Science Fiction so I was curious. It’s an interesting story. An explorer gets captured by ‘savages‘ on Guadalcanal who worship a mysterious red object deep in the jungle. Over 100 years later, London gets grief for his portrayal of the island’s natives. But it is fiction, and the story probably wouldn’t work if the portrayal were more realistic. I would argue his readers in 1918 wouldn’t ‘buy‘ a realistic native.

I read the other three stories:

  • “Like Argus of the Ancient Times” fair
  • “The Princess” good
  • “The Hussy” poor

96 pages

Kindle Instant Preview of “The Red One”


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