And The Good News Is by Dana Perino

And the Good News Is

And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side

This is a short book.. way too short. And it’s too long. Perino has tried to write three different books. The first third is a biography. Perino had an interesting childhood in Wyoming and Colorado, but she soon moves on to book #2, as Press Secretary to George W. Bush. This was very interesting, but again there wasn’t much detail, just some stories that paint President Bush in a strong positive light. That’s not surprising, as she does the same to President Obama and Vice-President Biden. If she took the subject of Bush 44 and the press and expanded it 10x she would have had a much better book. The last third, were self-help chapters full of advice. Okay but I’m not a fan of the topic.
And I get that she loves her husband and her dog, but leave that crap out, it’s all filler.
Perino comes across as honest, intelligent and classy, but not very deep. Her editor should have focused Perino’s attention to the important part of her life and cut away all the filler even if it took another year for the book(s) to come out.

277 pages

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