Homeward Bound by Peter Ames Carlin

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon is well researched, and there are hundreds if not thousands of interviews and album reviews to pick from, so Carlin was able to paint a pretty complete portrait of Paul Simon. The book is full of professional and personal anecdotes, which kept me interested. I had heard or read most of them before, but it’s nice to read them in chronological order. I also had fun playing all Paul’s music while reading Carlin’s book.

This book details Paul Simon’s childhood, meeting Art Garfunkel and their early years as “Tom and Jerry”, Paul’s solo releases as Jerry Landis, and his solo career in England. All this before “Sound of Silence” became a surprise US hit. The book covers “Stranger To Stranger” and everything in between; yet nothing is given short shrift. I was left with a pretty complete look at a guy I really admire. Simon has a great sense of humor but he can be fickle. Simon is immensely talented, and highly driven, a combination that caused a lot of fiction in his life. But he does not come across as cruel, just a man who knows what he wants.

432 pages

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