Call The Nurse by Mary J. MacLeod

Call The Nurse

In this charming memoir, Mary J. MacLeod shares stories of her experiences living on a remote Scottish island as a district nurse in the 1970’s.

Coming from London, MacLeod’s family certainly had adjustments to make, and the inconvenience of living far away from even shopping makes for interesting stories.  One such story relates how every trip to get supplies meant bringing back the items on their neighbor’s shopping list as well.  Sometimes they even included large appliances!

But the biggest impact on the remoteness of the terrain surrounded Nurse Mary J.’s job itself.  The hospital was on the other side of the island, and even that was not equipped to handle everything.  When bad weather set in, oftentimes Nurse Mary J. was the only medical help available – and even she relied on her neighbors to get her there when the roads were difficult.

There was also quite of bit of community gossip shared – which I found strange in a memoir.  It made me feel like I was made privy to some information I’d rather not know about.

Still, the author manages to evoke the beauty of the island, the warmth of the islanders and the attraction of life away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2013
320 pages
Amazon Book Preview of “Call The Nurse “


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