Memory Man by David Baldacci

Memory Man

Memory Man: Amos Decker #1

David Baldacci introduces us to a new character, Amos Decker. Decker, playing his first NFL game, suffers a traumatic head injury. This ends his football career, and leaves him with hyperthymesia and synesthesia. Decker’s brain doesn’t forget anything (hyperthymesia) and he sees numbers and emotions as color (synesthesia). He leaves the field as a Linebacker and becomes a police detective. It all goes well until Decker’s Wife and 10 year old daughter are murdered. Decker self destructs. Not only does he lose his family, his home, his job, and even puts on 100+ pounds of fat.

This book begins with a High School mass murder, which draws Decker back into the world. The FBI joins the police in the investigation. There are mysteries involving the attack. Can Decker connect the pieces? He learns this crime is related to his family’s unsolved murder. It’s a good story. The plot is farfetched and the villain seems unrealistic, but this is fiction. It will be interesting to see what Baldacci does with Amos Decker.

417 pages

Amazon Book Preview of “Memory Man


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