To Preserve by Mickey Zucker Reichert

To Preserve

To Preserve: Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot: #3 and of the three books this was the weakest. I kept asking myself why I was reading this series. I doubt Isaac Asimov would recognize Susan Calvin, I know I didn’t. In order to continue I told myself I was reading a crime thriller, who’s main character just happened to share the same name. The robot, NC-8 (Nate) is incidental to the plot, he could just as well be a human. There is very little science fiction in these stories, just something grafted on to make it cool?

Reichert had good plots in the first two books, not in this one.
Dr. Susan Calvin has to figure out who killed a co-worker.
All the evidence points to Nate, but he’s a robot.
Did someone somehow manipulated the laws to commit this murder? Was it Lawrence Robertson of U.S. Robotics?
Did Susan Calvin’s father, who designed the robot’s positronic brain, tell her the secret to bypassing the Three Laws of Robotics?
There are forces in play that think so.

This book was slow and predictable. The Asimov estate should have never licensed “I, Robot” to Reichert and won’t make the same mistake for a fourth title.

358 pages

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Excerpts From My Kindle

“First, there’re the robotics issues. If you remove the Three Laws, you destroy any possibility that mankind will trust robots enough to work with and around them. That’s exactly what the SFH has been trying to do, when it’s not attacking me and my family. They want it to appear to the world as if the Three Laws don’t exist or are ineffective.”
– location 2529-2531

“Susan, you don’t have to worry about me. I had a great life, longer and richer than most robots. I have no dreams, no aspirations, no notions about the future. I got to do exactly what I was created for: to protect, to obey, to preserve. My job is over, and my time has come and gone. Lawrence is right, and I told you the same thing when you rescued me from the ambulance. The world is not ready for anthropomorphic robots. It may never be.” – location 4959-4962


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