Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose

Washington's Spies

What makes a good movie or book even better?  Knowing that it actually happened.  The AMC series TURN is a fantastic bingeworthy show about the Culper Ring –  a spy ring out of Setauket, NY that helped turn the tide of the American Revolutionary war in Washington’s favor.  The book, Washington’s Spies is the book that launched this great television series.

As is typical with books, you often find out much more history than is included in it’s filmed counterpart.  Such is the case with Washington’s Spies.  From the beginning stories of Nathan Hale, to the author’s expounded writings on the evolution of spy tactics, this book is fascinating.  You’ll also find out exactly what, in the AMC series, is fact and what is fiction.

The book doesn’t flow as well as the series, but that’s to be expected – especially since there is only little written records about these people.  Some of them went to their deathbed never breathing a word about their wartime activities.  And that is understandable, given the fact that many of their neighbors were loyalists or tried to be neutral.  Still, it’s worth reading and discovering a little more about this part of American history.

3 1/2 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2007
369 pages

Amazon Book Preview of Washington’s Spies


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